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Enterprise resilience in the age of disruption

Disruptive risks demand innovative and fresh thinking. Tech megatrends are moving quickly from concept to reality creating disruptive risks and opportunities for organizations and their stakeholders. Key examples are the mobile internet, machine learning, the internet of things, and autonomous vehicles. The potential impacts are expected to be between $14 and $33 trillion by the year 2025. Cyber threats and geopolitical tensions from China, North Korea, Iran, Russia and other state actors are placing increasing pressure on global organizations. Devastating and costly wild fires, droughts and storms are occurring with much greater frequency and intensity creating major pressures in the US and globally.

One big problem with the current risk methodologies is that they undervalue disruptive forces such as climate change and machine learning. The traditional methods use weights and correlation factors that are linear and that are based too heavily on historical rather than dynamic data. Our Black Swan Partner group has deep expertise in helping our clients identify and correct operational weaknesses. We help you create customized business solutions that will increase your organizational resilience through repeatable risk, compliance and business continuity processes

Founding and Managing Black Swan Partner Will Brossman explains the need for healthy corporate ERM to manage Black Swan events

What We Do

Optimize Risk-Taking

We help organizations optimize business decision-making through effective and well governed risk frameworks.

Improve Compliance

We provide cost-effective, practical and innovative compliance solutions uniquely customized to each organization's culture and regulatory environment.

Enhance Resilience

We help build Business Resiliency Management programs aligned with the organization's strategy, and values.

Black swans are high-profile, rare events with extreme consequences. They are hard to predict with current risk models and are often wrongly rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. 

— Source: The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb


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